Vaastu Tips for Your Kitchen: Part 2

Vaastu Tips for Your Kitchen: Part 2


Last week, we had discussed some basic ways by which you could make your Kitchen Area Vaastu compliant. Today, we discuss some more ways of ensuring that your Kitchen satisfies Vaastu guidelines.

  1. In Part 1 of this post, we had mentioned that the North East corner should not have heavy stuff kept in it. It would be best to keep your kitchen sink and other water elements such as your drinking water in this corner.
  2. Your microwave oven should be kept in the South East corner.
  3. If your refrigerator is kept inside the kitchen, then it should be placed in the South West direction.
  4. In general, the kitchen has to look neat and tidy and should be cleaned regularly.
  5. Your kitchen should never be near toilets – above, below or next to them. It is considered very inauspicious.
  6. Your sink and taps should not be close to the cooking stove. They should be placed away from each other. Fire and water do not go together.
  7. The cooking stove should not be visible from outside the kitchen area. Not only is it inauspicious, it also makes you uncomfortable while cooking if people are able to see from outside.
  8. The exhaust fans should be on the east walls of the kitchen.
  9. If your dining table is in the kitchen, it should not be in the centre of the kitchen area. Place it in the North West.

Do keep in mind these Vaastu tips while constructing your kitchen. As mentioned in our previous post, the kitchen area is the most important area in any house as it provides us with food which is required for our well being. Hence, it would be a good idea to follow Vaastu Guidelines as strictly as possible while constructing your kitchen 🙂

At UNIQUE, we ensure that your kitchen is made as Vaastu compliant as possible. For more information on Vaastu compliant kitchens, please contact us.

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