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Shashanki Ji’s Kitchen

This beautiful and contemporary kitchen has been made for our valued client Shashankiji. The following are the specifications of this kitchen:

  1. Cabinet with Stainless Steel baskets to store Cutlery, Cup & Saucer, and Thali
  2. Cabinets with multipurpose baskets
  3. Stainless Steel Handles
  4. Premium Designer & Glossy Laminate Finishing
  5. PVC edge banding as per industry standards
  6. Overhead space for microwave 
  7. Cylinder space with cover
  8. Cabinets run upto the ceiling 

The existing kitchen was dismantled and was completely remodeled to give it a modern look and to ensure maximum possible utilization of space. We thank our esteemed customer for her trust in our abilities. 🙂

Mr Bagchi’s Kitchen

This smart looking kitchen has been made for Mr Bagchi, in Rajarhat area. The specifications of this kitchen are:

  • L-Shaped design
  • Wood grain laminates in dual tone on the shutters
  • Stainless Steel handles
  • Stainless Steel baskets
  • PVC Edge banding all over
  • Chimney provided by client
  • Cabinet with shelf
  • Cabinet with baskets for CCT
  • Cylinder space with cover
  • Overhead cabinets with two shutters each
  • Chimney pipe covered
  • Spice racks below each overhead cabinet

The classy choice of laminates in this kitchen has given a it very elegant look. As always, a lot of space has been created for the most versatile use of the kitchen space provided by the builder 🙂

Mr Roy Karmakar’s Kitchen

This bright dual tone finish kitchen has been made for one of our most esteemed clients. The specifications of this kitchen are:

  1. Waterproof plywood
  2. Dual tone lamination on shutters – wood grains
  3. Kitchen extends upto the ceiling
  4. L-Shape design
  5. Space for microwave oven on top cabinet (requested by client)
  6. Stainless Steel Handles
  7. Stainless Steel Baskets
  8. PVC Edge banding
  9. Space for chimney (to be installed by client)
The best possible space utilization has been made possible by extending the kitchen upto the ceiling.

Mr Garg’s Kitchen

We are proud to have made Mr Garg’s Kitchen!

Kitchen Type: U-Shape with extra storage and Tall unit! Aluminium design work on the Kitchen Shutters!

Mr Garg’s kitchen was designed keeping in mind the ample kitchen area available at his site. This kitchen required some extra designing expertise since it was our duty to ensure that even though ample space was available at site, it was not to be taken for granted. The extra space had to be filled in with maximum accessories to ensure that not an inch is wasted. There is enough movement area in the kitchen as can be seen in the images above. Mr Garg has also taken a Tall Unit for his kitchen to ensure adequate storage space is available in his kitchen. Kitchens like these are a manufacturer’s dream! 🙂

The specifications of this kitchen are:

  • Tall Unit for extra storage space
  • Aluminium design work on kitchen shutters
  • Stainless Steel Handles
  • HETTICH Brand German Hardware – Hinges, Channels
  • Waterproof plywood for durability and longevity
  • Drawer Units
  • Bottle Pull Out Unit
  • Cutlery, Cup and Saucer and Thali Baskets
  • PVC Edge Banding
  • Dual tone finish with Wenge Laminate
  • Overhead Units
  • Spice Racks for storage of small bottles/jars
The already spacious kitchen has been made even more spacious with our professional space management solutions. Mr Garg’s Kitchen is a combination of utility and sleek looks and we are proud to have worked for such an amazing and cooperative client. Thanks for your trust, Mr Garg 🙂

Mr. Sur’s Kitchen

Very recently, we have completed a modular kitchen for Mr. Sur, a resident of New Town, Kolkata.
Kitchen Type: L-Shaped Kitchen

As usual, the kitchen was fully customized taking into account the needs of the client. Some features of the kitchen are:
(1) Cutlery, Cup and Saucer, Thali Unit (CCT)
(2) Bottle Pullout Unit
(3) Drawer units for ample storage
(4) Stainless Steel Baskets
(5) Stainless Steel Handles
(6) PVC Edge Banding
(7) Light Coloured Wood Grain Laminate as per the choice of our client
(8) Plywood for durability and longevity
(9) Channels and Hinges of HETTICH Brand (German Quality)
(10) Overhead unit provided for extended storage
(11) Chimney Space

A single consistent laminate design has been used throughout the kitchen. The consistent wood grain laminate design makes even a small kitchen look unique! 🙂

Office Furniture: Common Buying Mistakes

Office Furniture: Common Buying Mistakes

Modern office furniture is an essential requirement for any office today. There are various benefits of using modern, sleek, modular office furniture. However, there are a common mistakes that people make while buying office furniture, and should be avoided at all cost!

  1. Sometimes, people simply buy furniture because it “looks good”. All that glitters is not gold, isn’t it? Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it will feel good when used. Make sure you try out the furniture at the store before buying!
    For example, if you’re buying an office desk, make sure it has sufficient work area for your needs. For more information on buying the right office desk, have a look at: Buying the Right Office Desk.
  2. Make a list of your unique needs that your office furniture must fulfill and be adamant about it! Sounds funny, but this will go a long way in eliminating the stuff that will not be of use to you. You might want to include those needs that your current office furniture setup does not fulfill.
  3. When it comes to furniture, impulsive purchases are always bad purchases. Make sure you have sufficient time at hand before you go furniture shopping for your new office!
  4. If the price looks to good to be true, it most certainly is! Do not be tempted to buy excessively low priced stuff. They will not last as long as you want them to! Remember, Quality comes at a price!
  5. Bright colours such as glossy reds and bright glossy greens look good at first. In our experience, such colours tend to distract attention while working. It would be a good idea to opt for sober colours with wood patterns, as shown in the picture above.
  6. While buying, do keep your future needs in mind. Your furniture should be able to reasonable adapt to your needs of space and storage that you may have in future.
  7. Avoid buying office furniture from small time manufacturers / vendors. It is always a good idea to opt for reputed manufacturers who will be able to offer proper after sales support for your furniture.
  8. When it comes to furniture, try to avoid refurbished / seconds stuff as they will NOT last long.
  9. Try to buy from MANUFACTURERS only. You get to customize your furniture according to your own needs!

At UNIQUE, we make sure that all office furniture meets the highest quality requirements of our clients. Our clients also have the option of customizing their office furniture as per their unique space and budget requirements so that they receive a complete solution under one roof.

We are committed to provide high quality long lasting office furniture to our clients.  For more information on our Office Furniture, please contact us.