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5 Reasons why should you purchase factory made furniture

Furniture today comes in a variety of designs and finishes. We know. But how much do we really know about the benefits of purchasing factory made furniture? In this post we would like to highlight a few benefits of furniture manufactured by a factory. 

  • Customisability: Factory made furniture is always customised to your requirements. You decide the finish, the design, the budget and practically every other aspect of your investment in furniture.
  • Minimum disruption at site: Since manufacturing is done fully in factory, your daily activities are not disrupted at all. Only assembly of furniture is done at site which is a relatively clean and very fast process as compared to hiring Carpenters who would start manufacturing at site right from scratch causing a lot of disruption and dirt.
  • Quality Assurance: Perhaps the most important benefit of having a factory manufacture your furniture is the peace of mind you get regarding the quality of materials used. You get to decide the quality specifications of your furniture and at Unique Woods, we take pride in inviting our customers for a quality assurance visit prior to start of manufacturing, if the same is desired by them.
  • Value for Money: Getting a professional factory to manufacture your furniture and modular kitchen ensures you get value for your investment. At Unique Woods, we have always strived to make sure our customers get the “Sahi Hai” feeling after we handover the site. We take pride in having many repeat customers who swear by our commitment to them.
  • Effective Space Management: Factory made furniture easily fits into the space available at site since it is manufactured according to actual measurements taken during site visit. This ensures you get sleek and good looking furniture while ensuring that best possible utilization of available space!

    No one wants furniture that starts sagging / bending / swelling within the first few months or in some cases even weeks of use. Investment in furniture is always done keeping in mind the long term perspective 🙂

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    Modular Kitchen Buying Guide

    We have already discussed the many advantages of having a modular kitchen earlier. However, when people actually go to buy a modular kitchen, the whole process of making the final decision can get pretty confusing with the variety of brands and types available.

    Question: Which one should you take?

    It would be a good idea to jot down your requirements on a piece of paper first. For example, you could right down a list of items that simply have to be kept inside your kitchen and for which, provisions will have to be made by your designer / vendor. Also note down any other items for which you would like space to be created in your modular kitchen. This sounds like a small step but is very helpful while planning out your kitchen.

    The following points will help you make a better decision:

    1. CUSTOMIZABILITY is the the most important factor to be considered while purchasing your modular kitchen. Does the brand allow you to customize your kitchen according to your requirements of space and budget? If not, you’re definitely better of looking somewhere else, no matter what the brand is.
    2. QUALITY. Does the kitchen on display look and “feel” good? Is it made of waterproof materials? Do not only consider how the kitchen looks from outside. Bright, flashy and decorative finishes can be given by any brand.
      Open the shutters and pullout units and see what is there on the inside. How many stainless steel items are being provided? What is the grade of Stainless Steel used? 202 and 304 grade are considered good.
    3. PRICE. Are they being able to offer you something that is within your budget?
    4. How many items are they being able to include from the list that you have made?
    5. The colour and design of you kitchen should ideally match with your home decor. Can they change the colour and design of a kitchen on display that you like, to reasonably match your home? If their answer seems negative, then they probably will not be able to help you out with many other requirements on your list.
    6. Are they including a stainless steel sink with the kitchen?
    7. Is the store representative knowledgeable and confident about the modular kitchen on display? Or is he simply reading out jargon from the brochure?
    8. How many shutter designs and types are available with them? Are they able to provide you with high quality membrane finished shutters (We will be posting an article on membrane shutters very soon)? Are high gloss laminate finishes available with them?
    9. Are you satisfied with the amount of storage they are being able to create in your kitchen area?

    These are some of the points that you might want to ponder over before making your final decision. Remember, once a modular kitchen is installed, it will be used for many years. Therefore, it is very important to get it right before signing that cheque 🙂