Modular Kitchen Layouts – One Wall Type

A one wall kitchen type – as the name suggests, has the complete kitchen unit installed on only one side (i.e one wall) of the room. One wall kitchens are used typically in apartments where the kitchen area given by the developer is very small. Yet, with a properly designed modular kitchen setup, we can create an ample amount of storage in the small one wall kitchen.

To make sure that all your appliances (microwave oven, stove, sink, refrigerator etc) fit into this setup, it is essential that the width of the kitchen is about 8-9 feet.

Advantages of One Wall Type Kitchen

  1. Probably the main advantage with a one wall kitchen is its compact design
  2. Cheaper as compared to other options
  3. Easy to setup and install
  4. Easy to maintain
  5. Less time taken to manufacture at factory resulting in faster deliveries
  6. Easy to work with – all major appliances and cooking accessories are within reach
  7. Simple and minimalist design
  8. Ideal for narrow/small kitchen areas
  9. Can be used to store almost all daily use kitchen items
  10. Helpful for young people (eg. students, IT professionals) staying in rented apartments who do less cooking on their own

However, no matter how well it is planned and designed, a one wall kitchen can never match up (in terms of storage available and work efficiency)  with other kitchen types such as the highly preferred L-Shaped kitchens or U-Shaped kitchens.

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