Live Photos from Site: Modular Kitchens – 3

This Modular Kitchen belongs to one of our very esteemed clients, Mrs. Savita Agarwal 🙂

Aluminium T and G profiles have been used instead of standard PVC Edge banding, on the edges. The complete Aluminium G-Profile acts like a handle to the shutter/drawer unit. For the two tone finish, the choice of laminates was done by the client. Lots of storage space has been created in the kitchen.

4 thoughts on “Live Photos from Site: Modular Kitchens – 3”

  1. Required Modular kitchen at Saket Nagar-Infront of Dainik Jagran College– Kanpur

    *Mobile number removed for privacy reasons*UNIQUE

    1. Please send us the size of your kitchen area in feet. Also, please mention whether the granite slab has already been installed by your developer or not.

  2. My kitchen is 11 x 6 feet, what will be the cost of modular kitchen, and what type of units and attachments will be included within this cost

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