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3 Basic Types of Modular Kitchen Cabinets

A modular kitchen is comprised of many cabinets.Β In this article, we will talk about the kinds of cabinets that are usually used in most modular kitchens.

Types of kitchen cabinets:

  • Base Cabinets
    Base Cabinets are those which are placed below the granite slab of the kitchen. They form the support structure of the modular kitchen and can house various kinds of accessories. They can comprise of drawers, shelves, various types of stainless steel baskets and other accessories. A lot of storage can be created even if the kitchen is just made of Base Cabinets! A modular kitchen is incomplete without its Base Cabinets.
  • Wall Cabinets or Overhead Cabinets
    These kitchen cabinets are those that are placed above the granite slab, on the wall. Although almost every Modular kitchen is made with wall cabinets included, they are optional, if you are on a budget. Wall cabinets can be designed in a number of ways since they are more flexible to design than Base Cabinets which are usually a little standardised. Though their depths are lesser than Base Cabinets, they can create a lot of storage space even in small kitchen spaces! We even design wall cabinets right upto the ceiling, if our valued clients so require.
  • Tall Cabinets or Tall Units
    These cabinets are generally not present in most modular kitchens. They are usually made in kitchen spaces which are larger than average. These cabinets are useful for extra items like groceries, pickle jars, ready to eat packed foods etc in your kitchen area.

We would be discussing more about base cabinets and wall cabinets in detail in our upcoming articles.

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Vaastu Tips for Your Kitchen: Part 2

Vaastu Tips for Your Kitchen: Part 2


Last week, we had discussed some basic ways by which you could make your Kitchen Area Vaastu compliant. Today, we discuss some more ways of ensuring that your Kitchen satisfies Vaastu guidelines.

  1. In Part 1 of this post, we had mentioned that the North East corner should not have heavy stuff kept in it. It would be best to keep your kitchen sink and other water elements such as your drinking water in this corner.
  2. Your microwave oven should be kept in the South East corner.
  3. If your refrigerator is kept inside the kitchen, then it should be placed in the South West direction.
  4. In general, the kitchen has to look neat and tidy and should be cleaned regularly.
  5. Your kitchen should never be near toilets – above, below or next to them. It is considered very inauspicious.
  6. Your sink and taps should not be close to the cooking stove. They should be placed away from each other. Fire and water do not go together.
  7. The cooking stove should not be visible from outside the kitchen area. Not only is it inauspicious, it also makes you uncomfortable while cooking if people are able to see from outside.
  8. The exhaust fans should be on the east walls of the kitchen.
  9. If your dining table is in the kitchen, it should not be in the centre of the kitchen area. Place it in the North West.

Do keep in mind these Vaastu tips while constructing your kitchen. As mentioned in our previous post, the kitchen area is the most important area in any house as it provides us with food which is required for our well being. Hence, it would be a good idea to follow Vaastu Guidelines as strictly as possible while constructing your kitchen πŸ™‚

At UNIQUE, we ensure that your kitchen is made as Vaastu compliant as possible. For more information on Vaastu compliant kitchens, please contact us.

Vaastu Tips For Your Kitchen: Part 1

Good food is what keeps us going throughout our lives. Therefore, the most important part of our homes is the Kitchen, the area where food is cooked daily for our nourishment needs. Vaastu planning is especially essential for the kitchen as the food cooked there directly affects our health and well being.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your Kitchen complies with Vaastu Guidelines:

  1. The kitchen should ideally be made in the South East corner of the house. It can also be made in the North West corner, but SE is preferred.
  2. The kitchen should not be made in the North East corner of the house.
  3. While cooking, make sure you are facing the East direction.
  4. Try not to have storage cabinets in the North East side of the kitchen. If you do, please store light things only in that corner. Heavy stuff in the North East corner are an absolute no-no.
  5. Some suitable colours for kitchen are green and orange.

More Vaastu Tips in our next post (Part 2).

At UNIQUE, we ensure that your kitchen is made as Vaastu compliant as possible. For more information on Vaastu compliant kitchens, please contact us.

The Galley or Parallel Kitchen

Previously, we have discussed about the following kitchen types:

The One wall kitchen and L-Shaped Kitchen are some of the most common layouts used while making kitchens for Indian Households.

An uncommon layout is the Galley or Parallel Kitchen layout where the kitchen is composed of two units placed on two parallel walls of the kitchen area.

Galley Kitchen
Figure: The Galley Type / Parallel Type Kitchen Area

As seen in the above diagram, the entire work area is divided into two separate work zones with a passage in between them. The Galley Kitchen, if designed properly, can be the best in terms of utilization of space and work efficiency, especially in apartments / homes where the kitchen area available is limited.

Features of Galley Type Kitchen

  1. Efficient utilization of limited space
  2. Everything can be within reach while preparing meals
  3. A lot of space can be created for storage even in small areas
  4. A properly designed Galley Kitchen can eliminate the need to walk between the two work areas to a large extent
  5. If space is available, an island can be made in between the two work areas
  6. Lots of countertop space available
  7. If the kitchen is small, it can become difficult for more than one person to occupy the kitchen area
  8. A dining table can usually not be placed in this type of layout due to lack of sufficient space between the two work areas

At UNIQUE, we design Galley / Parallel Type kitchens entirely based on your specific requirements. For more information on our Galley / Parallel Type Kitchens, please contact us.


The L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

We have talked about the One Wall Type Modular Kitchen earlier.  Usually, such a setup is used when the kitchen area given by the developer is very small and cannot be fitted with a large kitchen. However, it does have its own advantages.

Today, we will look at one of the most popular designs used for setting up good looking modular kitchens – The L-Shaped Design. This design consists of work space on two adjoining walls at 90 degrees to each other. Usually, one side is longer than the other in length. However, this is purely based on your requirements.

This design is very popular around the world and most people generally tend to opt for it as it gives a perfect balance between quality, storage space and cost.

Advantages of the L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

  1. More storage space as compared to One Wall Type Modular Kitchen
  2. Utilizes the corner area also – space can be created to keep 2 cylinders in the corner area
  3. Beautiful kitchens can be made with this design – a variety of high gloss laminates and membranes can be used to make the entire kitchen come alive
  4. Can be of any desired length on both sides
  5. Especially useful for medium size spaces
  6. The work area in the kitchen gets divided to different work zones so that your kitchen area stays more organized
  7. Considered to be the best for Indian Households as we require more storage space in our kitchens
  8. All appliances can be kept in the kitchen itself
  9. Space available for daily use items as well as items that are not used frequently
  10. Relatively easy maintenance of the kitchen
  11. Ideal for small to medium size families

Owing to these advantages, the L-Shaped kitchen finds many takers, especially amongst the cost conscious Indian families.

At UNIQUE, we pride ourselves in making beautiful & high quality L-Shaped Kitchens with the most efficient designs possible, so that the available space in your kitchen area is fully taken advantage of.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you πŸ™‚

Modular Kitchen Buying Guide

We have already discussed the many advantages of having a modular kitchen earlier. However, when people actually go to buy a modular kitchen, the whole process of making the final decision can get pretty confusing with the variety of brands and types available.

Question: Which one should you take?

It would be a good idea to jot down your requirements on a piece of paper first. For example, you could right down a list of items that simply have to be kept inside your kitchen and for which, provisions will have to be made by your designer / vendor. Also note down any other items for which you would like space to be created in your modular kitchen. This sounds like a small step but is very helpful while planning out your kitchen.

The following points will help you make a better decision:

  1. CUSTOMIZABILITY is the the most important factor to be considered while purchasing your modular kitchen. Does the brand allow you to customize your kitchen according to your requirements of space and budget? If not, you’re definitely better of looking somewhere else, no matter what the brand is.
  2. QUALITY. Does the kitchen on display look and β€œfeel” good? Is it made of waterproof materials? Do not only consider how the kitchen looks from outside. Bright, flashy and decorative finishes can be given by any brand.
    Open the shutters and pullout units and see what is there on the inside. How many stainless steel items are being provided? What is the grade of Stainless Steel used? 202 and 304 grade are considered good.
  3. PRICE. Are they being able to offer you something that is within your budget?
  4. How many items are they being able to include from the list that you have made?
  5. The colour and design of you kitchen should ideally match with your home decor. Can they change the colour and design of a kitchen on display that you like, to reasonably match your home? If their answer seems negative, then they probably will not be able to help you out with many other requirements on your list.
  6. Are they including a stainless steel sink with the kitchen?
  7. Is the store representative knowledgeable and confident about the modular kitchen on display? Or is he simply reading out jargon from the brochure?
  8. How many shutter designs and types are available with them? Are they able to provide you with high quality membrane finished shutters (We will be posting an article on membrane shutters very soon)? Are high gloss laminate finishes available with them?
  9. Are you satisfied with the amount of storage they are being able to create in your kitchen area?

These are some of the points that you might want to ponder over before making your final decision. Remember, once a modular kitchen is installed, it will be used for many years. Therefore, it is very important to get it right before signing that cheque πŸ™‚