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Why You Should Never Opt For An Ordinary Carpenter Made Kitchen

Modular Kitchen has become the trendsetter in the Interior & Kitchen designing industry for the past many years. Nowadays, everyone talks about a modular kitchen only, while thinking of setting up or remodelling their kitchens.

A few days ago, we had dispelled some misconceptions regarding modular kitchens. Today, we give you a few reasons why you should never opt for an ordinary carpenter made kitchen.

Carpenter made kitchen takes a long time

Modular Kitchens are manufactured in factories on specialized manufacturing equipments and machines. In our factory, manufacturing is done on specialized German and Italian machines to ensure fast manufacturing, designer kitchen finishes and low cost.

We manufacture in one day what a carpenter would take 15-20 days to make. Usually our kitchens are manufactured and fully installed at site within 15 days of booking of order.

Carpenter made kitchen finishing is improper

A factory made modular kitchen is always better finished than an ordinary carpenter made kitchen.

You will notice that it is very difficult to get straight line finishing and matching grooves in a carpenter made kitchen. Whereas our machines are calibrated to millimetre levels to achieve near perfect straight line finishing!

Carpenter made kitchen is not cheap

This is where most home owners make a mistake. They assume that getting a kitchen made by a carpenter would help reduce manufacturing cost. This is not true. In fact, not only does the time taken to manufacture increase manifold, so does the cost.

Once work is given to a carpenter, he would continuously keep asking for materials depending on hand written calculations based fully on assumptions. Not only this, since many work on daily basis, they would prefer to extend the work days for their benefit.

Also, since workmanship and finishing would not be up to the standards of a machine made factory finished kitchen, maintenance and repair costs add up!

Maintenance and after sales support isn't available for carpenter made kitchens

What happens if the laminate pasted by a carpenter on to the plywood starts peeling off? Who will you go to when the channels fixed by the carpenter on which your drawers move, snap, and the entire drawer unit comes out? What will you do when you find out that your carpenter has used low quality materials in your modular kitchen?

The list of possible issues that can arise can go on and on. Question is, who is there to solve them after your modular kitchen is made and operational? Can you really rely on an ordinary carpenter for after sales maintenance?

All our products, be it modular kitchens or furniture, come with our warranty giving you peace of mind in the rare case anything of this sort happens. We are just a phone call away for your after sales maintenance requirements! Our dedicated team of service specialists ensure that in the rare occasion, if you need any help or maintenance support for a modular kitchen manufactured by us, help is available on demand!

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6 Reasons Why People Love Modular Kitchens

In an earlier post, we had dispelled some misconceptions about modular kitchens that people generally tend to have.  We hope it helped our readers understand the concept of modular kitchen more.

Ever wondered why everyone talks about modular kitchen nowadays? Today, we bring to you 6 Reasons Why People Love Modular Kitchens.

Modular Kitchens Save Space

Modular Kitchens are Space Saving | 6 Reasons Why People Love Modular Kitchens

One of the most important reason why people love modular kitchens is because of the amount of space they can get for storage even in small kitchens of the size 6ft x 4ft. Its so easy and convenient to store utensils in stainless steel baskets after washing them. A single cabinet can hold upto 3 stainless steel baskets and hence a lot of storage can be created in each cabinet unit by utilising vertical space.

Our standard Rs 42000 kitchen includes a cabinet for storing cutlery, cups and saucers and plates (thali).

Modular Kitchens are Attractive

Modular Kitchens are Attractive | 6 Reasons Why People Love Modular Kitchens

When you opt for a modular kitchen setup in your home, you are spoilt for choice! There are so many designs and colour shades to choose from. You can opt for glossy finish or matt finish for your cabinet shutters.

Generally glossy finish gives a very high end look but is difficult to maintain and is also more expensive. Matt finish gives a pleasant understated look, is easy to maintain and long lasting. Our standard Rs 42000 kitchen comes with matt finish laminate of your choice.

Modular Kitchens are Functional

Modular Kitchens are Functional | 6 Reasons Why People Love Modular Kitchens

When you opt for a modular kitchen, you automatically opt for optimal functionality for doing your kitchen chores. A modular kitchen has designated spaces for your utensils, groceries, spice boxes, frequently used items and infrequently used items.

At UNIQUE WOODS, we are well known for coming up with the most functional kitchen designs for our customers. In fact, our customers recommend their friends and relatives to have their modular kitchens designed by us!

Modular Kitchens are Customizable

Modular Kitchens are Customizable | 6 Reasons Why People Love Modular Kitchens

One of the most popular reasons why people opt for a modular kitchen is the fact that they can be customised to their specific requirements. When we design a kitchen, we make every possible effort to ensure that the kitchen is fully as per our customer’s requirement.

It is important to note down any extra items that the customer would be storing in the kitchen, for example, some customers like to keep a loft space above the overhead cabinets for extra storage of very rarely used items. Some prefer not to keep their microwave ovens on the granite slab and want a cabinet specifically for this purpose. Some prefer to use a single tone wood finish in the entire kitchen while others prefer a dual tone wood or solid finish.

The list of customisation options can go on and it is our responsibility to ensure we can meet accomodate each and every such customisation option for our customers to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Modular Kitchens are Easy to Maintain

Modular Kitchens are Easy to Maintain | 6 Reasons Why People Love Modular Kitchens

One of the most common questions that we have been asked by many customers, especially housewives, is “How will I clean my kitchen after it is set up?”.

It is very easy to care for your modular kitchen. All drawers in the cabinets we make, slide on industry standard stainless steel telescopic channels and can be easily removed from and put back into the cabinet. This ensures that the entire cabinet can be cleaned from inside. The drawer units, which can be detached from the cabinet and brought out, can be cleaned and put back into the cabinet.

Similarly, all our overhead cabinets have removable shelves. They can be taken out, cleaned and put back in. The cabinet itself can be cleaned thoroughly when the shelf is out.

Modular Kitchens give Peace of Mind

Modular Kitchens give Peace of Mind | 6 Reasons Why People Love Modular Kitchens

When you get your modular kitchen designed and set up by a professional manufacturing unit like us, you can rest assured that quality standards and norms would be maintained as per industry requirements.

At UNIQUE WOODS, your kitchens are manufactured in specialised imported German and Italian machinery meant specifically for modular kitchen and furniture industry. All manufacturing is done in our factory and only installation is done at your site, usually within only 3 days. This ensures minimal disruption in your daily routine.

We provide prompt after sales service for every modular kitchen unit that we set up.

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5 Most Common Misconceptions about a Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen is a necessity now. The first thought that comes to a homemaker’s mind when you purchase a new home or remodel your exiting one, is about the kitchen. Usually, your kitchen is the first area of your home that you start planning about. 

While working with our valued customers, we have come across a few misconceptions that they have had, through the years. Here, we compile the 5 most common misconceptions about a modular kitchen that our customers have brought to light to us.




This is the most common misconception that we have come across among our customers. It takes time but they soon realize that with a modular kitchen from us, they get absolute value for their money! A modular kitchen is fully customizable to your requirements of space and budget. It is not  luxury to have a modular kitchen anymore! In fact, it is a necessity.

At UNIQUE, we take into account budget, space and customer’s specific requirements while designing your kitchen. We pass on the advantage of having an in house manufacturing unit straight to our customers.  Since a modular kitchen is a highly customized item, we ensure that there is one suitable for every customer! Our range of modular kitchens start from Rs 42000/- onwards only including delivery and installation! Click here to know more about our Rs 42000/- kitchen. 


This is the next most common misconception among homemakers that if they opt for a modular kitchen, material used would be of inferior quality and they might have to shell out an obscene amount for something that would not last very long. It was basically felt by some customers that a modular kitchen isn’t very durable. 

The fact is, that modular kitchen cabinets are far more sturdy and durable than traditional carpenter made kitchens. This is because, each cabinet is a separate unit with all five sides. A local carpenter made kitchen does not have such durability since most of them, taking advantage of a customer’s lack of knowledge, simply divide the modules with partitions and place shutters. From the front it looks the same but it is in fact very inferior and not at all durable as a modular kitchen. To support hardware and accessories, a modular kitchen has two sides available for stability. A Modular Kitchen is designed and manufactured with special accessories and hardware. At UNIQUE, in spite of passing on our manufacturing cost advantages to our valued customers, we make sure that the accessories used are of industry standard quality, for ensuring maximum value. 


Another misconception about a modular kitchen is quite common – Most customers is assume that it cannot be reused, meaning, it cannot be changed or remodeled in future. 

The fact that our kitchens are modular in nature, implies, as mentioned in point 2, that every cabinet is a separate unit. Hence, instead of dismantling the entire kitchen, we simply open up a specific cabinet to upgrade or change it as per our customer’s requirement. This ensures the daily working of your kitchen is not hampered and work can go on smoothly. Only the cabinet that needs to be repaired, replaced or upgraded will be affected, without affecting the entire kitchen.  Though this misconception is very common that modular kitchen cannot be reused, it is very easy to see that the same is false, when you start using a modular kitchen. 


As mentioned earlier, we manufacture modular kitchens using industry standard hardware and accessories. It is not at all difficult to clean a modular kitchen and maintain it. Most kitchens consist of pull out systems that come out to you and can be cleaned easily. We ensure while designing that most corners of your kitchen are accessible and within reach so as to ensure easy and hassle free cleaning and maintenance for your modular kitchen. This also ensures that there is minimum chance for breeding of cockroaches in your kitchen. 



It is rather unfortunate that such a misconception exists in the mind of some customers even today. The very reason for the existence of such a misconception is the presence of so-called “designers” and “carpenters” in the market who do not have the moral or ethical sensibilities while dealing with customers. We don’t mean to sound harsh here, but most do not have the required support system present with them to deal with customer complaints either. Years of reliance on traditional carpenters who work by hand to make furniture has brought in a negative view in the mind of customers that once a modular kitchen is made, it is their liability. If anything goes wrong, even normal wear and tear, they have no lookout and have to simply accept the same. 

For a professional modular kitchen manufacturing company like us, customers are our top most priority. You simply have to make one call to us and your site visit would be scheduled to look into your issue. We have a standard one year warranty against manufacturing defects. Even after warranty period, one call is all you need to schedule your site visit for inspection and repairs. Your kitchen is not your liability after it is manufactured. We are here and would look after any issues that may come up during daily use of your modular kitchen, from time to time.

We hope we have been able to clear the 5 most common misconceptions about a modular kitchen in your mind and look forward to your views in the comment section below! 

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5 Reasons why should you purchase factory made furniture

Furniture today comes in a variety of designs and finishes. We know. But how much do we really know about the benefits of purchasing factory made furniture? In this post we would like to highlight a few benefits of furniture manufactured by a factory. 

  • Customisability: Factory made furniture is always customised to your requirements. You decide the finish, the design, the budget and practically every other aspect of your investment in furniture.
  • Minimum disruption at site: Since manufacturing is done fully in factory, your daily activities are not disrupted at all. Only assembly of furniture is done at site which is a relatively clean and very fast process as compared to hiring Carpenters who would start manufacturing at site right from scratch causing a lot of disruption and dirt.
  • Quality Assurance: Perhaps the most important benefit of having a factory manufacture your furniture is the peace of mind you get regarding the quality of materials used. You get to decide the quality specifications of your furniture and at Unique Woods, we take pride in inviting our customers for a quality assurance visit prior to start of manufacturing, if the same is desired by them.
  • Value for Money: Getting a professional factory to manufacture your furniture and modular kitchen ensures you get value for your investment. At Unique Woods, we have always strived to make sure our customers get the “Sahi Hai” feeling after we handover the site. We take pride in having many repeat customers who swear by our commitment to them.
  • Effective Space Management: Factory made furniture easily fits into the space available at site since it is manufactured according to actual measurements taken during site visit. This ensures you get sleek and good looking furniture while ensuring that best possible utilization of available space!

    No one wants furniture that starts sagging / bending / swelling within the first few months or in some cases even weeks of use. Investment in furniture is always done keeping in mind the long term perspective πŸ™‚

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    Sofa Upholstery – Advantages of Fabric Upholstery

    Getting sofas for your home is quite a task, we know! You search online for some designs, then compare them with those available with retailers in your city – some things you like, some things you dont, so confusing! πŸ˜› 

    In a series of posts coming up in a few days, we will try to simply the process for you. Let us look into the first aspect of a sofa – the upholstery. Now, the most commonly used materials for upholstery are fabric and leather.  We shall talk about the advantages of fabric upholstery in sofas in this post.

    Advantages of Using Fabric for Upholstery

    • Fabric Sofas usually tend to me more comfortable than their leather counterparts. They tend to “feel softer” when you use them.
    • There are a wide variety of fabrics available in various different designs and patterns, as compared to leather. A manufacturer like us will have more options to play with so that you get a very unique looking sofa set for your home. So many colours and patterns are available in fabrics that it gets easier for for you to buy a sofa that matches will with your existing interior decor.
    • Fabrics don’t get scratched easily as compared to leather and hence can withstand more. Of course, the quality of fabric used plays a very important role here.
    • Fabric Sofas are easier to clean than their leather cousins. Hence, they become easier to maintain.
    • Fabric Sofas are more economical than leather sofas. Though quality can differ greatly among fabrics, but still leather sofas will be more expensive than fabric sofas. 

    At UNIQUE, we specialize in manufacturing fabric sofas as per your requirements of space, design and budget πŸ™‚ 

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    3 Basic Types of Modular Kitchen Cabinets

    A modular kitchen is comprised of many cabinets.Β In this article, we will talk about the kinds of cabinets that are usually used in most modular kitchens.

    Types of kitchen cabinets:

    • Base Cabinets
      Base Cabinets are those which are placed below the granite slab of the kitchen. They form the support structure of the modular kitchen and can house various kinds of accessories. They can comprise of drawers, shelves, various types of stainless steel baskets and other accessories. A lot of storage can be created even if the kitchen is just made of Base Cabinets! A modular kitchen is incomplete without its Base Cabinets.
    • Wall Cabinets or Overhead Cabinets
      These kitchen cabinets are those that are placed above the granite slab, on the wall. Although almost every Modular kitchen is made with wall cabinets included, they are optional, if you are on a budget. Wall cabinets can be designed in a number of ways since they are more flexible to design than Base Cabinets which are usually a little standardised. Though their depths are lesser than Base Cabinets, they can create a lot of storage space even in small kitchen spaces! We even design wall cabinets right upto the ceiling, if our valued clients so require.
    • Tall Cabinets or Tall Units
      These cabinets are generally not present in most modular kitchens. They are usually made in kitchen spaces which are larger than average. These cabinets are useful for extra items like groceries, pickle jars, ready to eat packed foods etc in your kitchen area.

    We would be discussing more about base cabinets and wall cabinets in detail in our upcoming articles.

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