Maj. Lahiri’s Kitchen

The above two kitchens have been made for our esteemed customer, Major Lahiri. Both kitchens are parallel kitchens with similar specifications. Red & White colour combination has been used for one kitchen and a plain bright orange colour scheme for the second kitchen. 

Kitchen Specifications:

One one side of the parallel kitchen:

  1. One sink palla on frame
  2. One cabinet with three stainless steel baskets – cutlery, cup and saucer, thali beside the sink 
  3. Overhead cabinet with two shutters and shelf
  4. Stainless Steel Handles
  5. PVC Edge Banding

On the other side of the parallel kitchen:

  1. One space for cylinder
  2. Cabinets with shelf and shutter
  3. PVC Edge Banding
  4. Stainless Steel Handles
  5. Auto Hinges

A lot of space has been created in this budget kitchen. The bright colour scheme used give it a modern and elegant look 🙂

Shashanki Ji’s Kitchen

This beautiful and contemporary kitchen has been made for our valued client Shashankiji. The following are the specifications of this kitchen:

  1. Cabinet with Stainless Steel baskets to store Cutlery, Cup & Saucer, and Thali
  2. Cabinets with multipurpose baskets
  3. Stainless Steel Handles
  4. Premium Designer & Glossy Laminate Finishing
  5. PVC edge banding as per industry standards
  6. Overhead space for microwave 
  7. Cylinder space with cover
  8. Cabinets run upto the ceiling 

The existing kitchen was dismantled and was completely remodeled to give it a modern look and to ensure maximum possible utilization of space. We thank our esteemed customer for her trust in our abilities. 🙂

5 Reasons why should you purchase factory made furniture

Furniture today comes in a variety of designs and finishes. We know. But how much do we really know about the benefits of purchasing factory made furniture? In this post we would like to highlight a few benefits of furniture manufactured by a factory. 

  • Customisability: Factory made furniture is always customised to your requirements. You decide the finish, the design, the budget and practically every other aspect of your investment in furniture.
  • Minimum disruption at site: Since manufacturing is done fully in factory, your daily activities are not disrupted at all. Only assembly of furniture is done at site which is a relatively clean and very fast process as compared to hiring Carpenters who would start manufacturing at site right from scratch causing a lot of disruption and dirt.
  • Quality Assurance: Perhaps the most important benefit of having a factory manufacture your furniture is the peace of mind you get regarding the quality of materials used. You get to decide the quality specifications of your furniture and at Unique Woods, we take pride in inviting our customers for a quality assurance visit prior to start of manufacturing, if the same is desired by them.
  • Value for Money: Getting a professional factory to manufacture your furniture and modular kitchen ensures you get value for your investment. At Unique Woods, we have always strived to make sure our customers get the “Sahi Hai” feeling after we handover the site. We take pride in having many repeat customers who swear by our commitment to them.
  • Effective Space Management: Factory made furniture easily fits into the space available at site since it is manufactured according to actual measurements taken during site visit. This ensures you get sleek and good looking furniture while ensuring that best possible utilization of available space!

    No one wants furniture that starts sagging / bending / swelling within the first few months or in some cases even weeks of use. Investment in furniture is always done keeping in mind the long term perspective 🙂

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    Sofa Upholstery – Advantages of Fabric Upholstery

    Getting sofas for your home is quite a task, we know! You search online for some designs, then compare them with those available with retailers in your city – some things you like, some things you dont, so confusing! 😛 

    In a series of posts coming up in a few days, we will try to simply the process for you. Let us look into the first aspect of a sofa – the upholstery. Now, the most commonly used materials for upholstery are fabric and leather.  We shall talk about the advantages of fabric upholstery in sofas in this post.

    Advantages of Using Fabric for Upholstery

    • Fabric Sofas usually tend to me more comfortable than their leather counterparts. They tend to “feel softer” when you use them.
    • There are a wide variety of fabrics available in various different designs and patterns, as compared to leather. A manufacturer like us will have more options to play with so that you get a very unique looking sofa set for your home. So many colours and patterns are available in fabrics that it gets easier for for you to buy a sofa that matches will with your existing interior decor.
    • Fabrics don’t get scratched easily as compared to leather and hence can withstand more. Of course, the quality of fabric used plays a very important role here.
    • Fabric Sofas are easier to clean than their leather cousins. Hence, they become easier to maintain.
    • Fabric Sofas are more economical than leather sofas. Though quality can differ greatly among fabrics, but still leather sofas will be more expensive than fabric sofas. 

    At UNIQUE, we specialize in manufacturing fabric sofas as per your requirements of space, design and budget 🙂 

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    Tanu Ji’s L shaped sofa set with centre table

    This 4 seater L shaped designer sofa set has been specially made for our esteemed customer Tanu Ji residing in Rajarhat. Since space available at site was limited it was very important for the sofa to blend in with the interiors with maximum possible utilization of available space.

    At Unique Woods, we now manufacture customized and economical sofa sets for every space and budget. Manufacturing in house ensures that we maintain our standards of quality of wood and finishing so that our customers get maximum value for their trust and investment in us.

    Why should you get Sofas customized by Unique Woods?

    • Flexibility in design and customization
    • Made according to space available at site for best space management
    • More value for money since we ensure quality right from start to finish
    • More durable and long lasting than imported counterparts which may have serious quality concerns that many times customers do not realise

    Want to get your living room furnished? Contact us now! 🙂

    Vandana Ji’s U Shape Kitchen

    This amazing glossy green and white kitchen has been made for Vandana Ji, one of our most esteemed customers. The specifications of this Modular Kitchen are as follows:

    • U Shaped Kitchen
    • Gloss Green & White Combination
    • Cabinet with Cutlery, Cup & Saucer & Thali Baskets of Stainless Steel
    • Cabinets with drawer and shelf
    • Full Tall Unit upto Ceiling for Extra Storage
    • Cabinets with multipurpose baskets of stainless steel
    • Overhead cabinets on both Sides

    The large kitchen area given by the developer has been optimally utilized in this kitchen to so that Vandana Ji is able to get maximum possible storage space and functionality 🙂

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